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We are a friendly and ambitious team that build Ampere AI-powered products to empower organizations.

Real-time network Analytics, Device Analytics, Service QoE.

Predict service impairment with resolutions, Reduce Operational Cost and Improve Efficiency, Improve NPS and Customer Loyalty.

Material Planning, price and Demand forecast, Capacity Management, AI driven decision making.

Reduce churn, increase customer retention, expand customer base, Relevance & Personalization offer campaigns, Relevant subscriber insights, Maximizing revenue potential, add tiered pricing with higher margins.

Behavioural Outlier Detection, Fault Prediction, Proactive Asset Maintenance.

AR AI Virtual-Tryon, Image classification and segmentation, Natural language processing (NLP).

About Us

Why Ampere AI

We are a technology driven, consumer focused team that build AI powered global standard products to empower organizations. Our products change the fundamental economics of our customer’s business operations. Unlike other competitive solution providers, our platform is pre- built to deliver actionable Insights from high cardinality data of the highest volumes and velocity. The result is faster time to value, lower total costs of ownership and shorter iteration cycles.
Featured Product

Ampere AI Platform

It allows consumers to virtually try-on a large variety of products, such as makeup, clothes, fashion accessories, hair dying, eye glasses, shoes and other items for e- commerce.
Why Ampere AI?

We extract meaningful, actionable insights from big data through AI and ML.

We provide "Agility" to develop production-grade analytics apps integrated with decision-making systems that enable customers to derive business value rapidly and iteratively from big data investments.

We provide "Intelligence" through prebuilt transformational analytics accelerators and micro-apps that reducing Time-to-Market for advanced analytics applications.

We provide "Automation" of complex inter-relations across the myriad big data technologies: This reduces the skill-sets and workforce required to evolve and adapt a successful implementation to changing customer/business needs and avoids vendor lock-in.

All these allow you to design augmented intelligence apps for pilot projects and seamlessly migrate them into production deployments for smarter business decision making.

Effective Concept To Productization

Pre-built AI accelerators and micro-apps enables the rapid development of business use cases to analytics solutions.

Iterative Development

consistent and repeatable operating model that allows adapting to changing business and customer needs makes the process and slow and error-prone.


Built on streaming architecture: 1/10th cost of data warehouse and 100x the processed data.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Application Development Environment with Integrated SDKs for Data Ingestion + Analytics + Dashboard & Action.

Fast Time To Value

Out-of-the-box products to get started right away. Strong economics & templated design methodology to identify & build applications quickly.

Improved Productivity

Increase productivity by automating processes through adaptive machine learning.

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