ML & AI Services

Big Data Development for Your Company

We provide AI-as-a-service: you get actionable business insights out of your data based on specific ML pipelines designed to achieve your goals.

Big Data Consulting

We review your business processes vs business goals set and offer the best way to digitize it. As a big data development service provider, we’ll make it data-driven and transparent in terms of decision-making. We’ll provide project assessment, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and support on-demand

Data Infrastructure & Engineering

We’ll collect, clean and structure your data for analysis and visualisation. We’ll design a data pipeline with real-time data streaming, batch data streaming or lambda architecture, build data lakes and warehouses. Big data implementation services include data warehouse architecture consulting and development, implementation, advancement or migration

Data Analytics

We’ll arrange data lakes and warehouses for effective data storage, retrieval, and insights mining. We get raw data coming from businesses’ various sources. Considering business’s specifics, we clean and analyze data, and yet find new ways of using it to enhance the business’ value.

Data Visualization

We visualise insights mined, so it’s easy-to-understand for the business’ owner. We agree on reports and dashboards, and develop a system to
generate them based on data from data lakes and warehouses. Data visualisation is insightful and valuable for reshaping business strategy and
improving its competitiveness on the market.

Artificial Intelligence

Based on the data, we build custom AI models that simplify decision-making. Outsourcing big data analysis to artificial intelligence, you prevent human error, improve business efficiency and cut costs.

Use Cases

Smart Maintenance

  • Predictive Maintenance: Predict equipment failiure using BITE data, possible resolution with RCA analysis
  • Operational sequence predictions: Test chapter predictions/prioritization
  • Data remediation
  • Supply Chain

  • Product ready Prediction
  • Material Forecasting
  • Sales forecasting
  • AI powered E2E simulation
  • Real time OM KPIs
  • AI powered Machine Loading Plan
  • Anomaly Detection

    • Real Time performance monitoring & anomaly detections
    • Congestion predictions
    • Solve Road transport current traffic abnormality problems.
    • Drnamic baseline modelling with the ingestion of seasonality factors


    • Network Management : Alarm prioritization, Root issue analysis, RAN Equipment failure prediction
    • Proactive Marketing : ML-based Traffic Categorization
    • Customer experience analysis : Subscriber 360 user experience, Device and subscriber analytics
    • Churn prediction

    Proactive Operations

    • Proactive operation : Truck roll , Ticket, call Prediction and reduction
    • Churn Prediction
    • NPS analysis
    • Service assurance

    Digital Security

    • Dynamic behavioral analysis: Data geometry algorithms to identify normal and outlier behavioral groups
    • Real-time anomaly detections
    • Fraud analytics

    How will it work?

    Make these possible!

  • Real time analytics

  • Faster & Cheaper analytic infra

  • Process huge Volume Velocity and Variety of data on the fly!

  • Edge analytics – A must in current analytics environment
  • Equipment testing 50% reduction
    Repair vs No Repair prediction  50+%, improve efficiency
    Reduce 30-40% NFF
    30+% incidents can be predicted 12 hours ahead
    50% improvement in production ready date prediction

    Our Cloud Expertise

    AWS Data & Analytics

    Build, secure, and seamlessly scale your cloud service solutions within a diverse AWS ecosystem. Benefit from the broadest portfolio of purpose-built analytics services, scalable data lakes, and warehouses. Adjust to evolving data needs with our AWS cloud-based services.

    AWS Machine Learning & AI

    Generate insights via a comprehensive suite of smart tools. Enhance your customer experience, optimize business processes, or identify new revenue streams with our AWS ML expertise. Our AI engineers deploy an intelligent architecture tailored to your business and infrastructure needs.

    AWS Serverless

    Adapt faster to changes and market shifts with elastic file storage based on AWS Serverless infrastructure. Scale with real-time demand, lower your data processing costs and let the cloud do the heavy lifting. Go beyond traditional computing to innovate faster, smarter, and with fewer resources.

    AWS IoT

    Connect your devices, tools, and applications into a unified distributed infrastructure for your IoT project. Process, secure, and act upon ample data from remotely connected devices and sensors. Establish a robust security posture across the whole IoT ecosystem and unlock uninterrupted information flows.

    Business Intelligence & Data Visualizations

    Uncover hidden patterns, enable data discovery, and communicate insights to decision-makers with custom dashboards and interactive reporting. Leverage visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Sense to transform raw data into actionable guidelines.

    Azure Data & Analytics

    Leverage enterprise-grade solutions for data warehousing, advanced analytics, and real-time streaming. Make your data management cost-effective and compliance-ready. Let our experts help you make the most of Azure clouds services and its unmatched capabilities for Big data analysis.

    Your Benefit from It

    Engagement Process

  • Business problem understanding
  • Use case and data definition
  • Success criteria definition
  • Data transfer complete
  • Data understanding Complete.
  • Data processing and data profiling
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Building
  • Model tuning
  • ROI analysis
  • Results presentation
  • Align with stakeholders on business objectives
  • Document ‘as-is’ and expected ‘to-be’
  • Document business and technical use case
  • Detail data requirements
  • Define success criteria
  • Ensure technical, commercial, operational feasibility
  • Use case and success criteria discussion
  • Ensure availability of required data. Minimum 2 months of ‘good’ data needs to be available
  • Work with SMEs to understand data
  • Resolve all the data issues and ascertain feasibility of the use case
  • Develop data catalogue
  • Develop a project plan
  • SOW discussion and sign-off
  • Prepare data for analysis
  • Profile data, identify data trends and issues
  • Correlations and multi-collinearity analysis
  • Ensure sample stability
  • EDA results presentation
  • EDA feedback incorporation
  • Feature extraction
  • Identify key features
  • Work with SMEs to qualify features for modeling
  • Model building
  • Identify best-fit model
  • First-cut model discussions
  • Model tuning, incorporate model feedback, iterate working with SME
  • Finalize model
  • Build ROI or TCO models, operationalization model (PMO- FMO)
  • Final presentation Integration in customer environment