Virtual try-on

Ampere AI platform is a fastest emerging Augmented Reality tech platforms, enabling multiple business owners with cutting-edge solutions to effectively adopt better practices and adapt to the changing world. Our virtual try-on platform will enable buyer to try-on multiple categories : Clothes, Make-up, fashion accessories , jewelleries’, shoes and others. Our solutions are robustly built to provide customers a virtual try-before-you-buy experience with best recommendations for faster buy-out.
Our goal is to provide best of both online and offline shopping world. Online shoppers could see how clothing would look on their own bodies, the technology could reduce the rate of returns due to non-fitting, non-flattering items. For offline shopper, right recommendation should be provided for faster buy-out rate and with option to try out long tail inventory without warring about availability of items in the store. Ampere AI virtual try-out will help both online and offline shopper. It makes end to end buying cycle faster and accurate.
Integrate our virtual try on solutions into your sales and marketing channels and redefine shopping for your customers with added comfort, convenience, and assurance of what they are buying
Customers can choose to upload an image of their own or choose from a series of models that best represent their height, shape and skin tone in order to see themselves virtually in any item of clothing The goal is to provide a similar experience to trying on clothing when shopping online as you would otherwise have had when in a retail store.

Offline Shoping - Virtual Fashion Mirror

The Virtual Fashion Mirror, often known as a virtual fitting room, can determine a person’s shape and then overlap virtual clothing. The 3D cloth can adjust to the size of the person automatically and in real time. The virtual mirror fitting room has the capacity to collect client feedback, making it a fun alternative for events or as a permanent installation in a retail store as part of the fitting or dressing room mirror. It can also allow people to share their experiences on social media while also marketing your goods, it will also show recommendation and allow user to complete buy in the mirror itself. This is a fun and unique method to shop that delivers customers an amazing experience.

Main Features


Using 3D imaging technology, the display can calculate body size in a matter of seconds.

Responsive 3D Virtual Fitting

Customers may not only see how they look in the apparel of their choice, but they can also watch how it moves with them.

Easy to Share

In a matter of seconds, share it on social media! The images and movies can be downloaded as a snapshot and shared on social media by scanning the QR code.


Customers can browse the entire collection and choose different clothing using simple gestures or a tablet.

Convenient Mix and Match

Customers can use the virtual fitting room to combine multiple garments at the same time recommended using AI recommendation system.

Experience with You

Take your interactive mirror experience with you or save it for later; it can print out a photo, a discount coupon, or information about a promotion.