Why Ampere AI

We Are All Surrounded By Endless Media & Content Choices

Consumers Are 24 x 7, Multi Device, Multi-Channel & Real Time

Consumers Expect Relevance & Personalization…NOW

The CMO & CTO Now Share The Huge Data Challenges

Brands Struggle To Shine In And Across Every Channel

Speed & Connectivity Have Become Imperative

Our simple way of looking at highly complex challenge:

AI driven technologies will now play the key role in delivering optimized experiences

Ampere AI Augmented Intelligence Apps to create smarter business decisioning

Machine reasoning – Applying prior knowledge to new situations through inductive, deductive and abductive capabilities. Algebraically manipulating previously acquired knowledge in order to answer a new question .

Decisioning – Translate machine reasoning to smarter business decisioning through a combination of business logic rules and AI. A decisioning confidence score enables close-loop actions

Autonomous actions – Execution of autonomous close-loop edge actions.

Continuous learning – Real-world data distributions drift over time, hence deploying a machine learning model is a continuous process. Continuous learning auto-detects deviations in data distribution and triggers retraining of models to ensure machine learning is accurate in a production environment

Agile Application Development – Continuously streamlines application stages (delivery, maintenance, evolution, across multi-environments) with Operations infrastructure enabling automation